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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Can Donald Trump be Trumped?

Donald Trump seems to be unstoppable at this point. He has the majority of the delegates, and the people are with him. However, the problem arises because the party itself is not. They doubt his ability as a president without any prior political experience. At this point, they are throwing everything they have in their pockets to stop him from winning the candidacy. What will happen if the candidate isn't who the people chose? Well havoc happens.

With the two opinions in the Republican Party, the political leaders of the party are on the losing side of the deal. The voters are on Donald Trump's side, while the other have only have the political powers. If Donald Trump is not given the nomination during the Republican National Convention, the odds are that he will run as a successful third party candidate. With the voters on his side, he will most likely aquire a vast number of electoral votes during the general election. Does this mean Donald Trump is the winner regardless of the outdoors of the Republican primaries?

No, it actually means the opposite is true. A Republican will most likely not win in 2016 if Trump decides to run as a third party candidate, because without the large number of voters who are steadfast Republican voters he will have insuperable odds to beat the Democratic candidate. This leads to the conclusion that the Republican Party must choose between losing the election or winning with a candidate that you don't agree with.

This is a tough choice to make for them because many of the Republicans opposing Trump dislike many of his policies nearly as much as they dislike those of the Democratic Party. Many people are also offended by the sexist and racist stereotypical comments he has made over the last year. With all this, the line between winning and losing becomes much more vague.

Everyone has their own opinion on this issue, but I believe that it would be best for the Republican Party to follow their voters because that is their base. This will allow a stronger hold im the 2020 election compared to having to reunite two different types of voters. The choice simple, but the choice is theirs.

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