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Introductions aren't my specialty, and they wouldn't be even if I had one. Let's keep this short and sweet because I'm sure none of you really want to hear the ramblings and babble of a mere 13 year old kid who really doesn't even know what he is talking about half the time. Yet, if you're still reading, this isn't what this blog is about. By this point you must be wondering something along the lines of, "Who is this kid? What is this monotously long string of words coming out of this kids mouth going to be about? and when will he just get to the point?"

Well, to answer all of these questions, let's just begin with the "point." My name is Vinay Konuru, and I decided to make a blog about topics that interest me. I'm not a scholar at any of these topics, and I barely even count as an amateur. So what can I talk about? Everyday, random thoughts cross my mind that make me think and explore deeper into to each subject. Questions that don't have a single definitive answer. For example, one question that both continuously racked my brains, and expanded my thoughts for the past week was how Apple's newest CEO, Tim Cook, who had been thought as more of a freshman or trainee compared to the legendary ex-CEO, Steve Jobs, just brought Apple to the next level, with an astounding market cap of 720 billion dollars. This staggering value raised the bar for other companies, who are still struggling to get out of the abyss the recession dug them into. Well, I may have exaggerated a bit, but the value of Apple has sky-rocketed over 200% of it's market cap just two years before. Android is dominating them in the field of phones, as the Mac continues to lag behind the renowned personal computers that has been dominating the market shares since their beginning in the early 1980s. Where is there sudden amounts of revenue coming from? How has Tim Cook done this feat, and is this just the beginning of Apple's comeback? I want to explore the answer to questions such as these, and expand upon them further and further.

Yet, there is still one question left unanswered. What does "Back to the drawing board" mean, and why is it the title of this blog? The answer is no enigma, but is rather just a little play on words. As I said earlier in this awkward "Welcome", none of these questions have a truly black and white answer like we crave for. These questions are open-ended and thus, will never come to an end. That is why we, as explorers in a vast universe of knowledge, finding and researching new frontiers,  must go back to the drawing board to find the next clue. Too dramatic for an introduction? Probably, but we'll have to go Back to the Drawing Board on that one!

Stay tuned,
Vinay Konuru

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